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What a way to start the year. Sage had 7 kittens in February, all reserved in 2 days. They grew up into beautiful little fur babies, and I must say that the new owners are fantastic. Two sets of 2 went to 2 owners, and the other 3 went independently. I started a Whatsapp group for everyone, and they all keep in touch and send pics and updates of the kittens to everyone.

On Thursday, 25th May, Champion Mitchkoff Lacey delivered her kittens; we have 4 boys and one girl. The girl is reserved, as well as two of the boys.

Watch this space as Lacey’s daughter Star is due her kittens next week (from 3rd June).

Here are some recent pics. I am not the best photographer, but there you are.

Sages kittens 23
Sages Kittens March 23
Smudge and last year kittens

2022 continued

Well, it’s the 1st of June already and I am pleased to say that all three girls were placed in their second show with Lacey receiving another 1st place and 2nd place. Star received a 1st in the Breeders class and a 2nd in the kitten class. Angel did very well in her first show receiving a 2nd and a 3rd in her classes. I am very proud of my girls.

We decided not to show again until later in the year as all the girls were keen to have kittens again and Smudge was first with 2 kittens born on 3rd March, Princess Kitty, and Lord Sebastian, who were reserved the day they were born. Two very happy new owners.

The end of May brought some surprising news as Lacey had 4 kittens on 25th and a 5th kitten on the 26th!!!. I believe this does happen sometimes. Sage surprised us last night with a healthy litter of 6 beautiful kittens so I have 11 little bundles of fur waiting for their new homes in 13 weeks’ time. Photos will be added to the gallery soon.


This year has gone off to a great start with both Lacey and Star receiving a placement in each of their classes at the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club Championship show which was held on 23rd January in Horsham.
Our next show in March will see Lacey, Angel and Star competing so hopefully they will all continue to do well.
Having 5 breeding girls and our stud Bear we anticipate 5 litters this year.  Great fun but loads of work bringing up all these fur babies for their new forever homes

2021 Update

The pandemic is still ongoing but the cats don’t know that and a very successful year bringing 17 kittens into the world.  Next year will be a good year as we have acquired our own stud and kept one of Lacey’s kittens, Star.