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Our Kittens are:

Home-reared and well-socialised with people, other cats, and dogs.

Registered with GCCF

Fully vaccinated and wormed

Have had 2 health checks

Litter trained

Insured with Agriapet for 5 weeks


Your new kitten will come with a 5-generation pedigree, registration certificate, vaccination card, microchip certificate, and a kitten pack that contains some of the food he/she is used to eating together with a blanket and a kitten toy, as well as some information sheets regarding the care of your new kitten.

I strongly recommend you keep your kitten insured as accidents can happen, and vet fees are very costly.

My kittens are born indoors, and after they reach around 8 weeks, they are allowed to go out to the outdoor cattery where they learn to use the cat flap and climb on climbing frames and a bridge, and this enables them to get a feel for the outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and the garden whilst still being enclosed.

The oldest is Smudge (Pampurred Southern-Charm), who has had her 2nd litter and then comes little Sage (Pampurred Ghia), who surprised us all by having 7 kittens. I kept two of Smudges’ kittens and have successfully produced some beautiful kittens from these two, Mitchkoff Lacey and Mitchkoff Angel. I also kept one of Lacey’s kittens, Mitchkoff Star, who is the baby of the family, and she will be turning one in August.

We also expanded the family by adding a great big chunky boy to the fold. Bear – he has been having great fun with all these girls around, and he is lording it over them from his own summerhouse in the back garden.

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